February 2019   
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Church, This is your Hour to Shine Brightly

Church, This is Your Hour to Shine Brightly



By Pastor Melinda Bauman

Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship





I see revival, and I see a flood.  I see an outpouring of the Spirit, a rushing mighty wind.  I see people coming into the Church.  They are flowing in as the Spirit moves.  I see a mighty move of God. 


I see the Church rising up to take its place.  The Church knows who she is, and to whom she belongs.  The bride of Christ is going to rise up in these last days.  She is going to stand up and shine.  Church, its time to rise and shine, for the glory of the Lord has come.  It’s time to shine brightly in these dark days. 


Realize the times we are living in. This is the time of the great ingathering, says the Lord.  You will see souls flowing into the Church.  The lost, the poor, the hungry, and those who are desperate will be coming.  Church, you need to be prepared for the great harvest. 


In these difficult times, the Church will shine brightly.  Church, this is your hour to be strong.  Do not fear; it’s time for you to stand up and be strong.  Be bold and courageous like a mighty army.  The Lord is pouring out His Spirit to cause an ingathering of souls. 


It’s important to discern the times we are living in.  These are the times of the Church shining brightly in the darkness.  The Church will be a beacon for those who will come in because they have nowhere else to go.  Many lost souls will be drawn to the light.  The Church will offer what the people are looking for.


The Lord is causing a shaking.  There will be a division in the Church, where some people will fall away and go the way of the world.  Others will shine even brighter.  Church, this is your day and hour.  You are living in a great time and season. 


The Lord says, you will see a mighty revival.  Rejoice, and prepare for the things that I am causing to happen on the earth.  I am causing a great shaking, and many people will now come to me, says the Lord.  Because of the uncertainty in these times we are living in, and because many people have fear and worry, they will be coming to me.


Be strong, Church, and be encouraged!  Let your light shine, and rejoice in what I am doing in these days!              



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