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"Holy Laughter—What's it All About?"



Kathie WaltersI know that to a lot of people laughter doesn't appear to be very "HOLY." But holiness means wholeness and set apart. It also means uncommon. I'm sure you have been in meetings, or even by yourself, when the spirit of laughter just hits you for no reason that you can think of. Maybe you had even just prayed a really serious prayer.

I've been in prayer meetings which had a very serious tone—when suddenly the spirit of laughter descended. When we were coming into revival years ago, I remember someone saying they had read an account of revival in a book; and in this revival at the time, there was a lot of weeping. Our church thought, "Well, maybe we should weep, because maybe God likes weeping; maybe it's a way of being holy."

We had a "repentance" meeting and were all serious. We asked God to convict us and bring a spirit of weeping upon us. We waited for a while—nothing happened. After about 15 minutes someone began to giggle. We tried to stifle our mouths because we were there to "weep." After another few minutes someone else started to giggle. We could contain it no more—we hit the floor and laughed uproariously for about three hours! We had been under condemnation for years because of religious spirits. We didn't need to be weeping right then—we were getting delivered and getting to know "Abba" (Daddy).

So what happens with this laughter? What is it all about? It's a wonderful experience, but what is really happening? What is spiritual about it and what does it have to do with God?

What Holy Laughter is All About

The Bible says that God looks on His enemies and laughs and holds them "in derision" (see Psalm 2:4). So, if God laughs then He must be laughing because of victory.

Sometimes I have been praying for someone and they are telling me really bad stuff. I start to pray and start laughing— why is that? That's weird, isn't it? But you see, I may not understand in my mind, but my spirit begins to pick up on a victory that's happening in the spirit realm for that person. When you pray, then God answers; and sometimes your spirit has received the answer before your mind. I believe that the laughter (God's laughter) brings down that victory into our experience.

Laughter eliminates fear—God is in charge; He told Job:

"At destruction and famine you shall laugh: neither shall you be afraid of the beasts of the earth."—Job 5:22

He will still fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting (see Job 8:21). It's OK to shout sometimes. People shout and scream at a little football, why don't God's people do some more shouting (and laughing)?

God laughs at the wicked—because God always has the final word.

"The Lord shall laugh at him: for He sees that his day is coming."—Psalm 37:13

God causes us to laugh at those who would cause destruction.

"The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him."—Psalm 52:6

There is a time to ask and a time to receive—and a time to laugh in the victories of God.

"A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance."—Ecclesiastes 3:4

When the anointing of laughter comes—the oil flows and the enemy runs for cover. The devil knows and is afraid of the laughter because he knows he is defeated.

Do you realize the enemy hates you to get in the anointing? The Holy Spirit makes you God-conscious, not self-conscious or sin-conscious. When you are in the Spirit realm you see what He sees. Guess what? God sees the victories. God sees the end when you are just at the beginning.

When the enemy seems like a great big bear (fear)—God already sees him knocked out. That's why you laugh and you don't understand why. There seems to be some big mountains and it looks like you can't get over them—but you suddenly start laughing at them. God is the God of the mountains; we often feel threatened by them, but God walks on them.

Laughter is in the empty tomb. In fact, when I was in the Garden tomb one time, I was trying to be very reverent. Then an angel tapped me on the shoulder and spoke to me: "He certainly isn't here." I started laughing and laughing because the angel didn't seem to make an idol of an empty grave.

"Laughter is the Echo of the Vacant Grave..."

(Borrowed from Mabel Andlers)

Laughter—uncontrollable joy.

Laughter—the outward manifestation of being more than a conqueror.

Laughter is the sound of Resurrection Morning echoing throughout eternity. Laughter is seeing our Captain of the Hosts, holding the keys!!!

Laughter does a heart good, like a medicine.

Laughter is an exceedingly, abundant, above and beyond attempt by the physical body to express a full picture of redemption.

It is diving into and swimming the breadth, the length, the height and depth of His love.

Laughter = spasms of uncontrollable God laughter, incapacitating the physical body.

When enabled, laughter walks on the wings of the wind...upon clouds, and is carried in God's arms.

Unknowing and uncaring of where it's been or for how long.

It is the garment of praise unleashed into a broken world.

Touch these vessels with much care, fullness of JOY may contagiously overflow.

Laughter is the echo of the vacant grave...


Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

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