The Power of Prophetic Decrees



Fresh Fire Ministries


As I learned how to make prophetic decrees and proclamations into the heavens, God began to do things a lot faster in my life. Recently, the Lord has shown me that we can even ask Him to release angels to go and get what God has for us. Part of the angelic job description is that of bringing us what is rightfully ours. The angels must be sent out to battle the forces of the enemy trying to keep us from our destiny.

 Every time we receive a prophetic word, we add a key to our ring—it’s a key to the kingdom, your kingdom.. It’s a key to a destiny. It’s a key for you to open up the heavens and loose things in heaven so what God said about you in heaven can come to pass on the earth. With that destiny word, you can build and plant or you can uproot and pull down every opposition to its fulfillment. That is what we’re supposed to be using the keys for.


So how do we hasten the word of the Lord? We do it with what I call prophetic decrees. You need to understand that when God says something about you, He is speaking out and releasing your potential. He is not proclaiming what is absolutely going to happen. But He wants you to get excited and press on toward the mark of what He said you will be. Many people will get to heaven and find out how much more God had for them when they were on the earth.
So many Christians wonder why their dreams have not been fulfilled. The problem is that we have a whole lot of people in the body of Christ with good intentions who never walk out what God has for them. Many Christians don’t realize that most prophetic words, or their timing, are conditional upon us taking certain steps of obedience.


Think about your prophetic promises—there might be some devils today holding back what is rightfully yours. There is a Prince of Persia in the spiritual realm. I want you to know that God heard you the first day. You should have seen the fulfillment five years ago, but it hasn’t come yet. It’s not God. It’s not you. It’s the Devil resisting your destiny, tying it up in the spirit. If it happened to Daniel, it can happen to us. God had to send Michael to battle through that Prince of the enemy. Let me tell you something—if the Devil came against Jesus and against Moses, he is warring against all of God’s people. The Devil wants to kill every move of God in its infancy. He wants to discourage you right when you get saved or right when you get healed. He wants to try taking God’s blessings from you.

The Devil knew something was going on—he knew the prophetic words about Jesus. So he said, “We need to issue a decree. We need to kill all the male children under 2 years old.” It had been spoken that a deliverer was coming. Satan knew the Deliverer was coming, so he said, “I can’t have a revivalist. Not now. We are going to kill him.” That’s when God had to orchestrate the deliverance of the baby Moses. After that attempt on Moses’ life, according to the book of Revelation, the Devil was going to try killing all the offspring of women. That’s you and that’s me! Satan knows that God has a plan for us.

Satan has a plan of destruction—he is not just going to lie down, roll over and let you be what God wants you to be. He is working over time to distract you and to delay the fulfillment of your promises. He is working over time to side-line you or to kill, steal and destroy in your life. Demonic cohorts have been assigned in heaven to keep you from finding the revelation of God’s will. And when you find it, he stirs up a whole lot of mess to get you so distracted that you can’t really press on “toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” He is trying to get you into debt and into immoral relationships—he’ll try any way he can to mess up your life.
You need to realize that there are Princes of Persia in the spiritual realm working to prevent you coming into the revelation and reality of your destiny. Something that God wanted to give you 21 days ago may be tied up—we need to release spiritual warfare and pray: “My God, I ask for the angelic host to resist the enemy’s assignments that are keeping back what you promised me in the area of my finances. Now Father I ask that they would bring me my answer.”

Scripture tells us that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but demonic powers and principalities. We need to have our eyes opened to what is going on in the heavens. There is not a devil under every bush, but there are more devils under bushes than many Christians have been willing to admit. I’m not looking for demons. I don’t have to look for them. They are there and I’m aware of them. I know that they want to destroy me but I’m neither, afraid or focused on that fact. I know who I am in Christ. We need to know our authority but we also need to be vigilant.


Scripture calls New Testament believers priests and kings of the Most High God! What do you think begins to happen when you actually say something into the spiritual realm and make known the manifold wisdom of God to demonic powers and principalities? The enemy knows if you’re unsure of your authority. You really need to have a revelation of who you are in Christ and that He, the hope of glory, lives in you. When you know your authority and make decrees, the enemy cannot invade your house. The angelic hosts of heaven and Jesus Himself will back up your decrees which line up with His prophetic or scriptural words to you. You have been given kingly anointing and authority; you’ve been made to sit in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6). Every devil in hell trembles at your words when you know your position in Christ! He knows that behind everything you say is the authority of heaven and Jesus Christ. The angels of God will come and arrest them. I believe that God begins to release angels to carry out His word in our life when we begin to release the word into heaven. We can actually aid in spiritual warfare.

Let’s look at an illustration from the Old Testament—oh, I love this: “And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab, ‘As the LORD God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word’" (1 Kings 17:1). Notice that it was at the word of Elijah that there would be no dew or rain. Yes, it was the word of Elijah, but where did the word originate? The story continues: “It came to pass after many days, the word of the Lord came to Elijah, in the third year, saying, ‘Go present yourself to Ahab. I will send rain on the earth’” So Elijah went to Ahab and said something like: “There won’t be any dew or rain on the earth for years, except at my word, because God said that He is about to send a drought.” Really, Elijah is only saying what God said—that is where His authority came from! Elijah partnered with God to see God’s word fulfilled. Later, when God was about to send rain to the earth, He told the prophet to decree what He was about to do. Elijah had a place in fulfilling the word; he needed to release it before anything would happen.

As a result of Elijah’s words, the bible tells us, he heard the sound of abundance of rain in the spirit. Now think about your situation—maybe God has said something about you but you didn’t say anything to open up heaven so His word could come to pass. Have you heard the sound of the abundance of rain yet? Is there a sound in your spirit? Twenty years of prophetic words is not good enough, my friend. A key chain of every kind of prophetic promise is not good enough! There is a time for you to do something with what you have! God is waiting for you. Something about your word releases God’s word and opens up the heavens. Then God can release the angels to do what He said He would do.


Princes of Persia in heaven are trying to delay and oppose God’s words to you. The responsibility of warfare and for fulfillment is yours, my friend—it’s not the prophet’s, it’s not God’s. Something is going on in the heavenlies and you need to be a partner with God. Unlike many Christians today, Elijah wasn’t waiting twenty years later for the answer to drop from the sky. Elijah realized that he needed to birth the word of God: “So Ahab went up to eat and drink. And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; (and) bowed down on the ground… (a birthing position)” (I Kings 18:42). Then he heard the sound. Elijah realized (my paraphrase): “This thing is not going to come to pass except at my word. But I’ve got God’s word, so I’m going to go and get it.” Then he said to his servant, “Go look. Do you see anything?” So his servant looked and said, “I don’t see anything.” By now you may be thinking, “You know how many times I’ve prayed the word of the Lord and haven’t seen anything!” I’ll tell you what, you gave up! Elijah said to the servant, “go look again.” He is birthing. He said, “Ok, go again.” He came back saying, “I don’t see anything.” But Elijah kept telling him to go back and look again. Eventually, after the seventh time, the servant saw the answer begin to manifest!

Elijah realized that he needed to pray the word through and take care of any opposition to its fulfillment. He began to loose that word in heaven, call it out of the spirit and call those things that were not as though they were… until they came into existence. He persisted even when he didn’t see anything. Eventually, after the seventh time, he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand.

It’s now time for you to release some arrows into the heavenly realm. It’s time to decree what God has promised you and what He has said about you. It’s time to declare what the Bible and the prophetic words have said about you. You are going to make powerful prayers of proclamation, of decree. As James says, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16b). Our righteousness comes through faith in Christ and we need to speak from that authority.


You are going to begin to remind the devils in heaven about our destiny words from God. You might even know the ruling spirit that is keeping you from what God says is yours. Maybe God said He was going to release prosperity on you. Then you need to take your arrow, put it in your bow and say, “Spirit of poverty, God has said I would prosper. His word is true and you will not hinder me.” Then your arrow is released and WHAM! Then you can release some revival arrows and some miracle arrows. You can also release some arrows against religious spirits. Now I want you to place a whole quiver of arrows on your back ok? Every one of those arrows is a promise. Now I don’t want you to be like the King of Israel—none of this 1-2-3 stuff. You need to be involved. Let the Holy Spirit bring to the forefront of your mind every word that God has given you, right now. Let God remind you of every prophetic promise—those are your words and they have authority. They will come to pass as you decree them.

So begin to shoot right now. Shoot! C’mon! Take out another one—say what God has said and make sure that hindering devil knows that you are taking authority! Let’s shake the kingdom of darkness! Maybe you want to get married! Get some of your wife arrows and husband arrows out. Keep going.. “My God you promised me revival. My God, you promised me healing and prosperity. You listen to me devil of poverty—you will not prevail!” Shoot! Shoot! Prophecy! Prophecy!


Now, let’s make declaration for revival: “Demon of religion, I want revival! Father I release revival.” Shoot and keep shooting! Shoot against religion! Shoot against unbelief! Shoot against apathy! Keep going—the heavens are opening! Now get out another arrow and say, “Father, I want miracles. You promised miracles. You promised healing. I take aim against demons of infirmity, devils of sickness, every demon of disease.” Take aim saints, and as you shoot say, “Be healed in Jesus name!” Then take authority over the demon of infirmity, the devil of sickness and the devil of disease! The weapons of our warfare are mighty through God.

Now take out an arrow for your family and say, “God, I want my household saved. I want my whole home saved, Jesus! I’m going to take aim against the god of this world that has blinded the hearts and minds of my family. Father I am releasing and prophesying the arrow of the glorious gospel of truth that it may pierce the hearts of those in my house.” Now for every person in your house that you want saved—call them by name and tell them to come out of darkness. Proclaim liberty to the captives. Hallelujah! We are making the manifold wisdom of God by the church known unto demonic powers and principalities in the heavens.