The Coming Healing Revival

The Coming Healing Revival


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In 2005, God said to me: “The healing ministry begins today.” And I realized, not my healing ministry. Immediately in my mind I thought of William Branham and the day the Voice of Healing was born. And then Gordon Lindsay, A.A. Allan, Jack Coe came to mind and the Voice of Healing of the 1940’s and 50’s.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Acts 5:12 begins today.” Luke (the author of Acts) tells us: “And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people” (5:12). There is something very crucial about signs and wonders, the apostolic, and the kingly anointing. I believe God is watching to see if the church will begin to say, “God, there is a need for the apostolic gift to be restored again to the church.” We need to see that it was “by the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people.” I don’t want to emphasize “apostle” too much but rather the “apostolic” because God has been speaking to the church about the apostolic.

I believe that there is something happening in the area of signs and wonders that is connected to the church beginning to recognize its need for the apostolic and to pray for it to come back into the church. That’s the face of the lion. Behold the lion. That’s the apostolic ministry of Jesus and it represents kingship. It’s the lion of the tribe of Judah. So there is something about that kingly anointing. Luke goes on to say in verse 14 that believers were increasingly added, multitudes of both men and women. There is a connection between the harvest and signs and wonders. And what’s the result? Believers were increasingly added to the body of believers.


The Lord said to me, “This is the hour that the church is about to come into.” When God said that, I had these thoughts: for seven years we’ve had great healing conferences. We’ve seen some signs and wonders. There have been healing ministries and healing waters but we haven’t seen the harvest; not in Canada and not in North America. But He revealed that there is a “harvest dimension” coming that is described in verses 15 and 16 of Acts 5.

“so that they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them. Also a multitude gathered from the surrounding cities to Jerusalem, bringing sick people and those who were tormented by unclean spirits, and they were all healed.”

The healing progressed to such a level that the sick were brought into the streets on their beds and couches so that Peter’s shadow might fall on them. The Lord said, “Todd, we are moving into that place in healing where My shadow is about to show up.” Wow! There will be such a dimension in the release of healing that His tangible presence will come! It’s like the glory clouds of miracles and the power of the Lord being present to heal. It’s a whole lot different than the “gift of healing” that we have when we pray for the sick at the altar. Rather, it’s this dimension in which even the very shadow passing by held such a manifestation of how much of God was on a man, that even as he passed by the sick, the Spirit of God in him brought healing to the people on beds and couches.

Now think about the shadow of Peter. Think of the word shadow in the same context as when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and overshadowed her. A shift has happened! It’s no longer just about the gift of healing that we have as believers! The realm that we will be walking in can be pictured like this: even as we pass the sick and they are there on beds and couches, there is a realm and a radius of the activity of the kingdom of God around us. It’s God’s kingdom breaking in and people are reporting healings in area hospitals! I believe that the Holy Spirit is coming to cities and regions and will literally overshadow entire city blocks and entire meetings. I’m contending for that!



Speaking of mere men, Oral Roberts had an incredible healing ministry in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Tens of thousands would attend his meetings. There would be a healing line and they just would bring the sick regardless of what condition they were in. They would just come one by one and sometimes he would be praying until three or four in the morning. “What’s your name? What’s wrong with your body? Do you believe Jesus can heal you?” Then right in front of all the people he would lay hands on them and they would receive healing. Then he would go to the next one and the next one and the next one asking them the same three questions. Then right in front of all the people he would lay hands on them and they would receive healing and he would go to the next one. He would do this for hours. Many people were healed but not every single person.

There were over 100 prominent healing ministries in the 40’s and 50’s. Almost any night in any major city in America you could find a healing meeting like this. And it went on in great strength for about 12 years. But then competition and jealousy crept in so God just shut it all down. As a result, in the midst of that outpouring, God began turning the taps off in heaven. It was one of the greatest healing movements we have ever seen since the days of Jesus. Then all of a sudden it was over. That was it! We still haven’t seen the same dimension in our day. Listen. Whole invalid tents totally healed! We’re talking crippled, mangled bodies, one after another after another and all the people would watch the miracles unfold right before their eyes. Limbs would grow out right in front of the people. That’s the kind of miracles that were happening.

Then something happened in Oral Roberts’ healing ministry. During one of his meetings he was going down the healing line ready to lay hands on a young boy. Suddenly he just broke down and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. This is what the Lord told him. “You will never lay hands on another sick person in a meeting like this ever again.” Jesus said to him: “The healing ministry is over.” That was the shift right there. And so Oral Roberts left the healing ministry and eventually built a university. But here is what many people don’t know. The Lord told him, “The people have elevated you above Me and you will never lay hands on another sick person in a meeting like this again.” Not that he would never pray for the sick again, but not in a meeting or setting like that. I believe that was the day, officially, that the Voice of Healing was over.



I believe that God is releasing again, in the church, a healing revival that will be greater than any other revival that we’ve ever seen. It will carry us right into the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is what God is doing. This is the anointing that we can receive today. God is looking for men and women that He can release into the ministry of signs and wonders.

We live in a great day. We live in a great hour. It feels like time is flying by. In January of 1999 while I was praying during a Sunday morning service I heard something extraordinary. It was like I heard about 10,000 people in a stadium praying in tongues, although I was worshipping the Lord and there probably weren’t any more than 30 people in the service. To make a long story short, no one was hearing what I was hearing. I even thought maybe somebody was piping in through a speaker, a choir of angels! I said, “Something is happening in the room! I can hear angels! I can hear the tongues of angels!” And then all of a sudden I was sucked up out of my body, just like that. Boom! I was taken up into a vision. I don’t know whether I was in heaven or not, but I was in a vision on a football field and I was in the game! (I don’t play football! I was overwhelmed!) The scoreboard said it was the last quarter. The ball was in our hands and we were headed for the end zone. It was a close game and the clock was about to run out. I had a revelation that either we’re going to “take this thing” or that we would literally default for one hundred years. That’s the severity of the vision. We could default or we could win the battle. That’s the encounter.

In the vision I was aware that people weren’t in the stands but there were angels in the stands and they were chanting, “Go, church go! Go, church go! Go, church go!” It was a host of angels. And in that instant I realized that these were healing angels and that they were about to be assigned to cities, churches, regions and ministries. In that encounter I realized that these were like the angels assigned to John G. Lake in Spokane, and to Alexander Dowie in Zion, Illinois and to William Branham in the Voice of Healing. And I realized that these were angels like the angels in John 5 and they were about to be sent to cities, churches, regions and ministries and it was all about the coming healing revival.

I love the story in John 5:1-4. In Jerusalem there was a certain place by the sheep gate where there was a pool of water. Multitudes of sick people would go there because an angel would come at certain seasons and stir the water and whoever was the first to step into the water after it was stirred would be healed. There was something happening in that place. Because the angel, the shadow and the glory cloud came, it was a healing pool, a resident healing pool. An angel came and there was a pool of healing that opened in that place. Listen! It could be open in your church, your city, your region and your nation! The angel can come down and be a sign to your life just as it was a sign to Alexander Dowie, John G. Lake and William Branham!

When the waters begin to move in the church, great multitudes who are lame and blind and who are waiting for a demonstration of God’s power are going to be healed! The kingdom of God is not mere talk but power! We owe the world a demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power! We owe them more than words! There are great multitudes that are waiting for something more than just talk. They are waiting for tangible evidence that there is healing in the church again and then they will come. Remember they came from all over Israel because they said to each other, “There is a place in Jerusalem. There is a pool in the city. One place. A geographical place. We can be healed if we go to that place!”

These angels, I saw them in heaven, and God said, “They are about to be released again. I am going to open up these healing pools.” I felt in my spirit that it’s not just one, not just two, but why not one hundred healing centers all at the same time in which great multitudes of people would say, “If I could just get to that place in Abbotsford. Or, if I could just get to that place in Oregon, or to that place in Argentina.” There will be “pools” in certain places where the angels will come, the healing angels. I believe that God is about to release these pools and “whoever” steps into the pool will be healed because of the anointing that is in the place.

So I saw these healing angels and the Lord spoke to me and He said, I am going to release a healing ministry. I am going to give it to you. I am going to raise you up as a first fruit to pioneer again. You are going to be a sign to the church that there is coming a great healing revival. And everything that you live for is impartation and every place that you go I want you to lay hands on people and I want them to receive this anointing. It’s not just a grace that I have placed on your life. It’s for the believers, the church, the cities, the regions and the nations. I want you to prophesy about this revival that is coming.”

When people hear about this the first thing they ask me is, “What cities?  Have you seen the cities?” I’ve only seen about 10 to 12 cities that will have this resident healing anointing. Concerning this, the Lord told me, “It has not yet been determined in heaven which cities will receive an outpouring.” Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they did not know their hour of visitation (Luke 19:44). Jesus was just as willing to come into that city as He was to come into any other city. He had a great healing revival in Capernaum. Every sickness and every disease was healed (Luke 4:40)! Every sickness and every disease was healed in Capernaum in the region of Naphtali and Zebulun (Matt. 4:13-17) which was the international head quarters, the missions base for the ministry of Jesus. There was such an anointing in that place by the Sea of Galilee that when the sick came all of them received healing.

However, the Bible says that when Jesus went to Nazareth He could do no mighty signs there because of their unbelief (Matt. 13:58). What does that tell you? God was just as willing in Nazareth to bring them the same revival. A lot of people say, “It’s sovereign Todd. Look at Toronto, Pensacola and the Welsh Revival.” The Lord said, “No it wasn’t.” He said, “It is being determined in heaven right now.” Listen. Cities and nations, whether they are going to be “sheep” cities and nations or “goat” cities and nations (Matt. 25:32-33) are being determined in heaven right now. There is a literal scale in heaven right now and I believe the choices are being determined in heaven even today. We can literally tip the scale for our city!

I want to discuss how we can tip the scale and then capture our hour of visitation. I’ll pin point several areas that will help us discern what God is actually doing right in this very hour. It’s exciting! So keep pressing in and prepare your heart because God wants to reveal to us the great and mighty deeds that He is accomplishing NOW! We don’t want to miss one good thing that the Lord is doing! Wow!




But many people will fail to see this incredible dimension opening up because they’re going to judge and determine revival based on what is happening in one city or the odd city here and there. For instance, it was easy to mark Toronto, Pensacola and other places like Argentina. We could see revival there. We could trace it. But what’s happening today isn’t going to be so much about one place but literally it’s going to be happening simultaneously around the world. In fact, I believe it’s already happening. Revival is already here but we can’t trace it the same way we did before because it’s not connected to one city and one building. Rather, it’s connected to a group of streams that are coming together right now that are moving in power, signs and wonders simultaneously across the earth. It’s a moving revival.


This revival is changing from staying in one place like it did in Toronto (and the people come there), to literally moving through hundreds of ministries simultaneously all through the world. I’m seeing this happen already and I believe that we’re already experiencing this but many are going to miss it. This is because our idea of how revival comes is so often connected to a place, to a church, or to a city. But this coming revival is connected to people—the body of Christ and the saints—and it’s already here. In some situations, revival isn’t “coming” but rather for some of us, revival is already here! If we would change the way we think (our perspective) then we would perceive in our hearts the new way that God is coming.


As well, I realize that we could have a difficult time tracking what God is doing because we’re not used to seeing things globally. However, it’s through a global focus that we’ll be able to determine what God is doing. We’re not going to be able to connect it to a place. There will be places and pools, and I believe this revival is happening simultaneously with many different players from many different backgrounds and streams.. But if we’re too focused on looking at what’s happening in our place and our city we’re going to miss the global perspective..


See! There is a global move that is unprecedented right now in harvest. How many of us are hungry for this? It would be easy for some of us to disengage and step back because for some believers it’s over their heads and it feels like too many encounters, visitations, words and too much history. But this is so much more than just our individual healing and our own little need.


God is bringing the supernatural realm right to our door, so to speak! We can break something open in our lives and in our cities because there are angels being released at this set time. I’ve had over 30 encounters with an angel by the name of Healing Revival that was a part of the Voice of Healing, in the days and ministry of William Branham. This same angel that came to William Branham came to me in Grants Pass, Oregon on December 5, 2000 when we were ministering in a large tent. Later the angel visited us in Albany, Oregon where we experienced a real emphasis on healing, miracles, signs and wonders for about four to five months.


Since that time the “gift of the word of knowledge” and the “gift of miracles” has been released in my life and ministry. After the angel came in December of 2000, I started operating in accurate detailed words of knowledge. Our healing ministry was birthed then because we went from having just a healing ministry to having resident, sustained times of healing. Today, as I minister all around the world, this angel continues to visit me..


We’ve seen pools of healing, but nothing like what I believe God is going to release. Today we have an opportunity to come before the Lord. By saying “yes” to what He is moving in right now, we can receive something really precious from Him—the reality of the supernatural—signs and wonders anointing. I want to encourage you to go for it in your heart! The Lord wants us to contend for this anointing for our lives, our churches, our cities and our nations. Let’s tip the scales and pray for our cities, regions and nations. We want to take territory in the spirit so that God can release an increase of anointing to usher in healing pools in our cities and a great healing revival.





God, we realize that we’re living in a critical hour. You have great and mighty deeds that You want to accomplish in our cities, regions and nations. You are looking for places where Your presence is welcome, cities where the angels can come and help us facilitate a healing revival. We don’t want to miss our hour of visitation! Lord, we want to ask for the angels to be released at the set time into our cities, globally.


God, we’ve never been this way before! We need Your perspective! Lord, we need a global perspective. Thank You for helping us! You are determining whether or not cities are ready to receive a supernatural visitation that will allow You to release healing pools. We want to be fully engaged to welcome an outpouring of Your Spirit for this kind of healing ministry. We acknowledge together that as resident healing pools are released around the world, that truly, the healing revival is underway globally. God, we want to see people coming to our cities to receive healing and salvation! Hallelujah!


We want to see a break out once again of another dimension of signs and wonders just as You promised, the same way that signs and wonders came through the hands of the apostles (Acts 5:12). We welcome notable and remarkable healings.

Please come, Holy Spirit. Overshadow our lives and our cities just the way you overshadowed Mary when she conceived Jesus. We revere and fear Your name and we welcome You Lord, the Son of Righteousness, to come with healing in Your wings. We need You, God. We want You to come in Your power for the sake of the lost.


We release the prophetic decree that the shadow of healing and the glory cloud of miracles are going to come upon our lives and our cities.


In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.