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Ohio is the Heart of it all

Ohio is the Heart of it all

 By Susan Knauff 

at Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship

in Eastlake, Ohio

September 5, 2009


I want you to know, Ohio is the heart of it all.  You remember that logo?   And I have met people—the Lord has sent me down these different highways and byways, and He is connecting people in Ohio from hand to hand to hand.

And there was an evangelist that came through from West Virginia and he stood here, and he said, wasn't Ohio declared the heart of it all?

And now when you think about this, Ohio is shaped like a heart, and that's why they said this.  Ohio is located right where a heart would be in the center of this nation.  And so they said, let's draw in visitors.  Let's call it the heart of it all.

And this evangelist was standing, and everyone in Ohio, and he said, the heartbeat of God is here.

If we are the heartbeat of God, what does that mean?  Nothing happens in the physical without first happening in the spiritual, and then we start to see it manifest back and forth.  And so there's a meaning or reason that God laid it on this man's heart to say.

And when you read about heart in the bible, God speaks about the heart of the thing—the heart of the matter.  Our heart, his heart.........

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