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Ohio the Swing State will Swing towards the Lord

Prophetic word given by

Andy Sanders in Eastlake, Ohio

September 13, 2009


I hear the Lord saying, let the prayers of the saints be heard in Ohio. Let the prayers of the saints be heard in Ohio. 

And some in Ohio this morning would say, you know, I'm kind of scared of this swine flu and all this stuff that's hitting this nation.
I'll tell you this morning, thus saith the Lord. And I don't even have to put a thus saith the Lord on that, but God would say this morning that it's your prayers, saints, that will turn the plagues out of Ohio. It's not going to be the government. It's not going to be medical treatment. It's not going to be ideologies and concepts. It's not going to be new programs. It's going to be the prayers of the saints in Ohio that will put a shield and a ring of fire around Ohio. 

And I hear the Lord say, how much do you love Ohio this morning? How much are you wanting to wager for Ohio this morning? You cannot look to the government to protect Ohio. You cannot look to wealthy people to protect Ohio. It's not going to come from them. You need to look to the Lord to protect Ohio, church. It's going to be the church of the living God that's going to protect Ohio. As I see the prayers of the saints going up out of Ohio, I see a ring of fire developing around Ohio. How much do you love Ohio? How much are you willing to contend for Ohio? 

I was reminded this morning how Ohio has faithfully been a swing state. I hear the Lord say I'm breaking the backbone of that. You are no longer going to be a swing state anymore. You're no longer going to waiver to the left and then waiver to the right. God's done with that. You need to be done with that. I see the Lord putting a stake in the ground. He doesn't want you wavering to the left or wavering to the right. Someone comes along, and they give you a good story, and you waver that way. And someone comes along and gives a good story, and you waver the opposite way. That's pure pathetic politics. God's done with pure pathetic politics in Ohio. Quit being deceived, Ohio! Quit being deceived, Ohio! Quit listening to pure pathetic politics.  Quit listening to the garbage of pure pathetic politics. It already fooled you once. Don't let it fool you again, church. 

You say, are you a Republican or a Democrat? I'm too conservative to be a republican. And I'm definitely too conservative to be a democrat. I don't follow either one. I follow Jesus Christ, amen? Oh, is this person a democrat? Oh, is this person arepublican? Who gives a whippity do? God doesn't. God doesn't care. You're not going to heaven because you're a liberal. You're definitely not going to heaven because you're a conservative. You're going to heaven because you've accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. There is no inbetween. 

And I hear the Lord say over Ohio this morning, you need to quit the stuff. Quit the stuff. You're not a politician. You're a saint of the living God. You're a Christian of the most high God. And that alone is your authority over Ohio. That alone is your authority in your house, my friend. That alone is your authority in the house of God. And that alone is your authority when you speak out in this realm, out in this place called Ohio. 

I hear the Lord say, how much do you care for Ohio? As the prayers of the saints
begin to come together over this next year in Ohio, God will begin to shift once again the economy in the house of God over Ohio. You wait and see. God's going to shift that thing. Everything else is going to be proven faulty. But there is one thing that will stand and shine over this city, over this state of Ohio—I almost called it a nation. Outof Ohio will come a holy nation, my friend. I see a holy nation coming out of Ohio that's not going to waver any more. Once again, you are not called to be a swing state. You're called to be an established state. 
I've never read the history of Ohio, but I feel led to say this—go back to the roots of Ohio and see how it was established, my friend. And bring it back upon the surface. Bring is back upon the earth. You don't work for a government. You don't
work for a boss. You don't work for any person out there. You don't work for a schoolteacher. You don't work for kids. You don't work for your own self. You work for the Lord most high. And as Christians, begin to grasp that concept that Ohio may begin to realize, you don't work for no one. In fact, your paycheck doesn't come from a company, my friends. Your paycheck comes from Jesus Christ. 

We've been out there for three years full time on the road, and I have concluded every single time, we have never missed a bill, simply because—it's taken me three years, church, to realize that my paycheck doesn't come from a church—it comes from Jesus Christ. And if He's willing to feed the sparrows and the robins and the birds, how much more willing is He willing to take care of you? 
  I hear this, and I've said this every morning, every time we've been here this week, I've heard the Lord say every single time: cast your cares upon the Lord, because He cares for you. 
God's going to make major shifts in Ohio. Once again, it's no longer going to be aswing state. God's going to change that in the spirit.
  And I got some specific words, more words over this region. The last couple nights I got words as the Lord would lead, but these are a little bit more specific, I think. It's kind of hard to tell these
days. Specifically coming into this next year. I got 2010 is going to be a year of counsel for many.

2010 is going to be a year of counsel. And I got the word, and it's particularly with you, Melinda, but also to all of us here. And also anyone who might be listening and stuff. Particular
with 2010 is a year of counsel. It is time in 2010 to regroup. Okay, the enemy has drawn lines. Christians have drawn lines. There's so many lines in the sand right now, it's almost confusing, amen? And it's time for the body of Christ to regroup. And it's time for the body of Christ to find counsel.

There are too many lost children in the body of Christ walking around in this nation. There are too many fatherless spiritual children trying to be birthed, and it's not time for them to be birthed yet. And we enjoyed this season many years ago of being able to start ministries and start occupations and stuff, and, you know, fall flat on our face, and go, whoops, that was a doozy. I think I'll start again. That season is going to come to an end. It's going to become very crucial to understand that every single step that we take in the future is ordained and established by God. We're not going to have the privilege down the road to just, you know, think, oh, that's a good idea. I think I'm going to go buy this. No, you're not going to be able to do that. You're going to have to hear the sound of the Lord.

We're going to become so Spirit-led in this nation, that it's going to be important to even have the type of clothes God wants you wearing. …... We're walking in a realm, friend, where it's going to be a supernatural protection of everysingle way. You know, over in different countries sometimes
you're walking down the road, and it's so intense over in other countries that God will say no,no; don't go down that road. We're moving into a realm where everything is going to be Spirit led. And, you know, for many years we've said we're walking in the Spirit. But to be honest with you, let's face it. You and I have not understood the concept yet of really what it means to walk in the Spirit. We think we understand, but we don't
know what it means yet. And we're going to learn that. Those days are coming.


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