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Principalities are Falling
March 14, 2009
 By Pastor Melinda Bauman
Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship in Eastlake, Ohio
        Email: worldwidegcf@yahoo.com
Phone: (440) 339-4117
The Lord says, principalities are falling, falling, falling down.  Principalities and powers are being broken over Cleveland, Ohio.  The major principalities, which are powerful demonic strongholds have been broken and are falling, falling, falling down.  The Lord says, I saw satan fall from heaven like lightening falling from the sky.  Principalities are demonic strongholds that hover over regions.  They exist in the 1st and 2nd heavens.  These regional principalities hinder, or block a move of God. 
The Lord says, a major principality that hovered over Cleveland has been broken, and has fallen.  This stronghold was the religious spirit, or the spirit of religion.  This is a spirit of control that keeps people in spiritual bondage.  Now that this principality has fallen, you will see open heavens over Cleveland.  A portal, or door has been opened in heaven over Cleveland, and it will be like Jacob's ladder with angels ascending and descending.  A major spiritual shift has taken place, and heaven has invaded Cleveland. 
Do not think it a strange thing, says the Lord.  A major revival is taking place.  Angels of healing and revival are releasing a move of God.  The principalities have been removed, and now heaven is pouring in like a flood.  Waves of healing and revival.  Waves of healing and revival, says the Lord.  Beginning now, you will see an outpouring, a flood of My Spirit.  There is a flood coming, says the Lord.  Look for the waves of healing and revival. 
Just as Elijah heard the sound of abundance of rain after the famine in the land, so you will see the rain in this land, this city to which I will cleave, this city of Cleveland.  The city of Cleveland is my land, says the Lord.  I will cleave to the land of Cleveland, and the people will know that this land belongs to the Lord.  I have taken and possessed the city of Cleveland, because this land belongs to me, says the Lord.
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