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There's an Earthquake in Eastlake

Prophetic word given by

Revivalist Munday Martin in Eastlake, Ohio

June 7, 2009


I was on the way over here today—and I heard the Lord say that there's a shaking coming to the state of Ohio. I was riding  out here, and I didn't realize that we were on a fault line; I had no clue. But I just heard that there's an earthquake in Eastlake, but it's not going to be—see, what God is going to do is there's a shaking that's going to be coming here in the next year. And it's not going to be detrimental; it's not going to be very destructive, but it's a sign and a wonder of the shaking that God wants to do in this region.

It's a sign and a wonder of what God wants to do in the state of Ohio, because Ohio has been a battleground state even for governmental things. And I believe there's a governmental call on the state of Ohio. In fact, what is the motto of Ohio? “All things are possible with God.” And I think that God wants to herald that across the nation. That this is going to be a state He's calling to be a battleground state for the souls of this nation.


And, so, when the shaking begins—there's going to be all sorts at the same time—coupled with a very strong outpouring of the spirit in churches in this region. And I also heard in Cincinnati there's going to be quite a bit of outpouring. I'm hearing Columbus, as well. And you're going to see Cincinnati and Columbus and this Eastlake region around the north and other cities close to the lake. So we're just going to see an outpouring.


But don't be afraid. Just pray and prophesy into that. When the shakings begin, God is starting to do a shaking that is going to cause salvations to spring forth, and miracles to spring forth, governmental shift to spring forth. And I just see a harvest anointing on this nation right now.


So, we just praise you for that, Father, in Jesus' name. Amen.


See, we're right on the fault line here. Is that correct? I didn't even know that, and the Lord showed me. There's a shaking coming. And it's going to be good, though, in Jesus' name.

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