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A Shift in the Cleveland, Ohio Region



By Shawn Bolz


At the Realms of Glory Conference on October 24, 2009



And I feel like there's something for this region that's about to shift.  About fifteen to thirty mile radius, there's a depression that God is going to lift off. There's some sort of industry that's going to be highlighted that can—I tell you, over the Cleveland area, there's something about—I think when I said that about alternative power. I feel the Lord said, there's some soft of an alternative energy, and there's some sort of alternative industry that's going to be birthed here that's going to bring the economy like out of recession in this region.


I saw the Lord bringing the church to rectify racial issues. I saw churches where black and white would be equal and free. I saw the interracial of marriage between black and white. It's going to be something that happens over the next five years right here in Cleveland, where there's going to be a lot of prophetic marriages between the black and white community. I feel the Lord is about to tear down a stronghold that's been between the churches. And it's not about the world, because the world will always hold onto racism, and there's a spirit of racism in the church that God is going to tear down, where He's going to bring you these alliances even in the natural over marriages between blacks and whites.


There's some spirit of a school program, and I'm just saying, I don't even know if anyone here is going to be linked to it. But prophets I hear—Melinda has created a platform for this city. Even if it's not directly, if it's indirectly to Cleveland. And I feel like there's been some sort of school platform that's going to be released to speak to teenage pregnant women. That there's something about a school program, and there's something about a church voice that would start stewarding those who are carrying life inside of them. And I feel like there's going to—it's not like the pro-life movement that's going to increase. It's going to be like people who run after the younger generation and teach them the value of life.


I feel like there's going to be something that happens that never happened on a school level before. There's going to—I'm telling you, your youth movement is going to start. And it's not going to be inside the church; it's going to be inside the school. The schools will affect the church. The schools will affect the church.  I just see this mob of a—there's a lot of teen pregnancy here. And I feel that there's about to be an authority given to some people, some churches, that run after loving these young girls that take authority—that these young girls are like generals in God's army. That there are some young girls that right before they're going to have an abortion, and they're going to become rivers of life and revival.


And I feel like there's a about to be a convergence throughout this area. And I feel like there's going to be a lot of events that happen in this region. God's drawing in, like, key people from the in body of Christ all over the world to come and sow in this region.  It's all over the region. But there's going to be kind of a surge of events and conferences and meetings, and churches are going to invite in speakers meeting just for services. And I'm telling you, brace yourself. But go to what your heart says to go to. Because God is putting a DNA in this service that's about to activate the promises of God in this area. And there's lot of voices that aren't even considered prophets that will prophesy in this region. There's lots of voices that are going to prophesy in this region. And listen to what they're saying when you hear the good news. Because God is going to activate the DNA. Why did he give certain people that live in this region in the first place? There's a mandate of purpose on this region that's nationwide and worldwide.

God, I pray that you give us eyes to see and that you bring people in. Give us eyes to see, so we can come into full agreement, in Jesus' name.


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