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A Swing State to Lift the Nation Back into Place!


Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Barbara Yoder had a crucial word over Ohio. Please pray that OHIO will swing toward the LORD!




Dutch Sheets

God wants to cause a mighty shift to take place in the United States, not only in our society, but in our government as well. We, as the Blood-bought Body of Christ, wield Heavenly authority on this earth to cause this great shift to take place. As the Body of Christ participates in kingly intercession before the throne, God will act and change this nation.



Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Barbara Yoder and Dr. Tim Sheets:
Prophetic Word Over Ohio:
"A Swing State to Lift the Nation Back into Place!"

October 2008

Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Barbara Yoder and Dr. Tim Sheets:
Prophetic Word Over Ohio:
"A Swing State to Lift the Nation Back into Place!"


chuck pierce
Chuck D. Pierce
dutch sheets
Dutch Sheets
barbara yoder
Barbara Yoder

Below is a summary of prophetic words from the 50 State Tour gathering in Middletown, Ohio on October 2 and 3, 2008. This was a powerful prophetic gathering! Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and Barbara Yoder were the leaders in prophetic ministry who spoke over the state of Ohio:

• Ohio is a swing state to lift the nation back into place.
• God is going to catch the state up quickly. There will be war in the heavenly realms.
• Ohio is a signpost. Suddenly things will change. Ohio will come from the back of the pack to the front.
• It is time for Ohio to pick up the sword to overcome and break the religious spiritual stronghold over us. The prophetic breaker anointing will be a battering ram to shift the state.
• Apostolic order will come into place. Our nation depends upon the movement of God in our state.
• Fire to purify is coming. Much iniquity is to be dealt with. A radical church in Ohio is being birthed.
• A great buzzing has started.
• Columbus must receive a pioneer anointing.
• Cincinnati will be volatile.
• Cleveland, revival is at the door.
• Eagles again will fly as the bird of war.
• A new thing is birthed.
• Lack of personal breakthroughs have hindered Ohio. Transitions are coming from unbelief, idols, fear, complacency.
• A great restructuring to the enemy's camp is happening. Confusion is being brought to the enemy. Ancient seeds of darkness are about to be undone.
• The distrust that was birthed 25 years ago is being healed. Again the heart of the father and the heart of the children will turn to each other. There will be supernatural reconciliation.
• Dayton will come to a new weightiness! There will be a breaking of false covenants and a building of new covenants. As the Wright brothers flew from Dayton, so a repair between brothers will bring a flying. The free masonry spirit root in Dayton will be taken by the axe.
• Ohio will go through the process of Travail, Conceive, Birth, Refine, to Restore our joy. We will RUN WITH THE HORSES! Surprises will happen. A new sense of order is coming in the state.
• Iniquitous patterns are broken! We will be in our places.
• There will be a breakthrough in revelation of God's word. Energy from Heaven is released. The revelatory sword of the Lord is going to do surgery on the state of Ohio. The outcome of the Presidential Election is going to be somehow determined by what takes place in Ohio!

Prophesied by Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and Barbara Yoder. To view the prophetic word in its entirety, visit Glory of Zion Ministries website or click here to view.



Lori Willmann:
"Wake Up Call to Ohio! A Swing State in the Elections"

Dear Watchman and Reformers,

We want to send this out to you today as we are in the midst of the Days of Awe to sound the trumpet and the WAKE UP CALL to OHIO! This is an "ALL HANDS ON DECK" call to the WALL of INTERCESSION as perhaps never before to STAND and FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS NATION!

Once again, Ohio is at the center of the National Presidential Elections. Both presidential candidates have targeted Ohio as a "must win" state. Historically, no Republican presidential candidate has ever won the national election without winning Ohio. Knowing this, Ohio's Secretary of State deliberately changed the rules of the election process in ways that have greatly compromised the integrity of the voting process in Ohio. We may never know how many fraudulent votes will be counted, as there is no way to separate these votes from valid absentee ballots until after the election has occurred!

BUT GOD! In the midst of this chaos and confusion, we received a video clip that was posted on the website of Eagles Wings Ministries, during their Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) gathering. The prophetic word released is from Julie Meyer, a nationally known and respected prophet. In her word, God is saying that Ohio holds the KEY to tipping the scales of this election - specifically, THE INTERCESSORS! Please view this powerful video clip (click here to view. Note: you may need QuickTime to view this; follow the prompts to download it before viewing).

In addition to this, I received two emails from a separate source that included a postscript on this word from Julie Meyer:

"Also be praying for Ohio again. I had an encounter with the Lord where I heard a song coming out of Heaven and it was:

If I can just get to Ohio
If I can just get to Ohio.
Ohio will be given the golden key
To tip the scales of justice for the babies.
Ohio will be given the golden key
to tip the scales of justice for the babies.

And another word two days later:

"I was also in North Carolina last week and I spent the evening with Bob and Bonnie Jones. Bob actually told me the identical word that I had just prophesied at Roberts Stearns' conference:

"This is about the VP.
This election, we are not electing a President.
We are electing a Vice President.
All eyes will be on Ohio
And intercession is the key that will tip the scales."

But Bob said that he thought people are not taking this seriously and people were not praying right now. So we need to get the word out to "pray, pray, pray."

The elections have not been decided because God is giving us the opportunity to intercede and tip the scales for righteousness."

In response to this trumpet blast to WAKE UP OHIO, we are calling for:

• ALL to FAST and PRAY throughout this month until the week following the elections! SET UP WATCHES of the LORD, ESPECIALLY THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. PASTORS - SET UP 24/7 PRAYER IN YOUR CHURCHES!


They can avoid long lines at the precincts on Election Day, make sure they voted, and they can do it when it is a convenient time for them. This will also free them up to help on Election Day and spend time in intercession throughout the day. Call and/or email everyone on your contact list to get out and vote, and to vote righteously!

• We have posted the 40-Day Prayer Directive from the National Governmental Prayer Alliance on the Ohio Governmental Prayer Alliance website. The prayer goes through November 3rd, and there is still time to jump in and pray (click here to view).

We will be holding a special solemn assembly in Chillicothe, Ohio - this Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 7pm. This is for Ohio and for those in other states who feel led to join in with Ohio to raise up a standard and a cry for righteousness, justice and mercy! Join Dutch Sheets, Tim Sheets, Robert Henderson and other state and national leaders as we gather together to cry out for mercy, justice and righteousness to be done in the upcoming elections! We will be hosted by Open Door Ministries, located at: 3130 S. Bridge St. in Chillicothe, Ohio 45601. For more information visit

This is a crucial time as we approach the upcoming election, the state of our economy, and so much more. The prophetic words being spoken over Ohio breathe a fresh mandate for us to come together on this day, fasting, and taking seriously the role of Ohio regarding all that is going on in our world.

Chillicothe was the first capital city of Ohio. It is important that we go back to the place of our historical roots as a state to cry out to God for His Mercy to cover us as we prepare Ohio for the upcoming elections on November 4.

We have truly entered a pivotal time, not only our state, but in our nation. Now, more than ever, we believe it is critical that we gather together corporately to raise our voices in unity for God's will and rule to be established and fully functioning in Ohio and the nation.

We need focused and strategic intercession to go forth without ceasing, not only in the governmental realm, but in all the mountains of our society!

We look forward to having you join us for this crucial Solemn Assembly in Chillicothe. Also, there are still some spots open for the Convergence '08 Conference in New York City, which will be held on October 30-November 1. It will be an opportune moment in time for us to gather in unity and oneness of heart to seek the Lord's face during this time in our nation's history.

Standing and warring for the soul of our nation,

Lori Willmann, State Executive Coordinator
Ohio Reformation Prayer Network
Ohio Governmental Prayer Alliance


About the Ohio Reformation Prayer Network: The Ohio Reformation Prayer Network is an apostolic and prophetic, non-denominational prayer network under the leadership of the United States Reformation Prayer Network, which is called to seeing reformation and transformation come to every mountain of societal influence.

These mountains are: Religion, Government, Business, Arts/Entertainment, Media Education, and Family. For further information, please contact us at


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