March 2019   
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A Word from the Lord to America



Pastor Melinda Bauman

Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship



The Lord says to America , my people, you are a nation that was founded upon righteousness and religious freedom.  You are a nation where there is freedom of religion.  Many Christians came to America to escape religious persecution in their own countries.  America was the promised land to Christian pilgrims, a land flowing with milk and honey.  My people came to America , because here they were free to worship me. 


The Lord says, I poured out My Spirit in the 1700s at the time America was birthed as a nation.  This was called the First Great Awakening.  I poured out My Spirit in the 1800s when this nation was preserved and slavery ended during the Civil War.  This was called the Second Great Awakening. 


I poured out My Spirit in the 1900s at a place called Azusa Street in Los Angeles , California .  The Azusa Street Revival birthed the Pentecostal movement all over the world.  When my people Israel became a nation in 1948, I poured out a healing revival known as the Voice of Healing.  Many wonderful healings and miracles took place at this time.  Then I began to pour out My Spirit upon all denominations, and this was known as the Charismatic movement. 


It is near the end of the first decade of 2000.  This decade has been difficult for America .  My people are wondering if I have forsaken them.  In 2001 Muslim terrorists attacked America .  In 2003 America went to war with Iraq .  In 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans .  After that, the American economy began to decline as the dollar devalued and jobs moved overseas.  In 2006 the real estate market declined and houses went into foreclosure.  In 2008, gas prices rose to $4 per gallon and the stock market collapsed.


There is much worry about who the next president will be and whether or not he will bring change to America .  Since 2000, my people are wondering if I have forsaken them.  The Lord says to America , I have not forgotten you, and I have not forsaken you.  We have entered into a new century, and it is time for a great outpouring of My Spirit, for a great revival. 


This will be known as the Great Awakening.  This move will be greater than any you have ever seen before.  In this revival my people will rise up like a mighty army, and do great exploits for my glory.  This revival will be known as the Saints Movement, because the saints will rise up and operate in the power of God.



Be encouraged, my children, my people in America .  You are going to be a part of the greatest revival you have ever seen.  Do not give in to fear and worry because of circumstances going on in the world.  I am in control, and am preparing to usher in the Great Awakening.  Begin to pray and seek my face.  Watch what I will do.  Do not be weak and faint of heart.  I am looking for a strong, bold, courageous army in my church.  Be strong and of good courage. Watch and see what I will do in this nation, my children whom I love, in America .



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