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Angels Dispatched over Northeast Ohio

Prophetic word from Pastor/Prophet

Bruce York at House of Prayer and

Praise Ministry- June 17, 2009


There are great sounds in the heavens. There are great signs in the heavens. Even tonight there will be signs released in this room. For I have bound the occult powers and principalities over N.E. Ohio and Western Penn. The Lord said, The angel of the Lord, Michael and several angels just pulled down the powers. There is a violent crashing and a violent fighting, but the Lord said, I have opened up over N.E. Ohio and western Penn. a new realm of Glory, a new access into the things of God. Things that did not work are going to start working, so do not be afraid, do not be worried. There will be many sounds of war, and anarchy, and confusion out there but just put your eyes on me, and rest in me.

Go to me first not the news. Realize that the news does not know what they talking about most of the time, but I always know what I am talking about, and My word is always true. I always take care of my children, and you are in the ark of My Glory, saith God.


The Lord said, I want you to have a visitation in your life. I want to bring that healing angel into your physical life where the enemy has been hitting you. I do not want you to be afraid like the world. They are terrified out there. They do not know what to think or do, but I want you to be in the back of the boat resting with me.

And the Lord said, Tonight I have dispatched more angels over N.E. Ohio, more Glory than you have ever known, for this will be a safe zone, saith the Lord. And I will protect this area for my name sake, it is not because you are perfect it is because I am a good Father. As I unify my people in prayer and love, for the attack that has come upon this nation, part of it is me snapping things, shaking things and causing people to hunger for me.

The signs and wonders will be extraordinary over the next 6 to 18 months. There will be earth quakes in California, there will be that great earthquake down towards Missouri. But the Lord said, You will feel it, but I will hedge you and hold you, and comfort you. I will cause revival to kick up.

People who have never been hungry, people who have been obstinate, I will shake them and those who do not want it I will take them off the planet. But the Lord said, Great change is coming to N.E. Ohio. And I am going to send My Glory around the world, and angels and the miraculous and signs and wonders will be normal. Things you could never imagine that I could do, I am going to do and it is starting now, not tomorrow, saith God.

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