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Pastor Melinda Bauman was raised in a Lutheran church.  There she received a solid foundation in faith, but yet she sought more.  She sought a deeper relationship with the Lord and like many of us she wondered "is this all there is?"  One day she was invited to attend a Pentecostal service by a friend, and there she encountered that which her spirit had been thirsting for.  In that church she experienced the power of God in a way she never had before.  She was water baptized and came out of the water praising and thanking God, when suddenly she felt something touch her lips- she had been filled with the Holy Ghost and was speaking in tongues!

Almost immediately she felt the overwhelming call into ministry, however she did not think this strange because she believed that all Christians had a call to ministry.  It was some time later that she realized the magnitude of the call God had placed on her life was not just for the reasonable service of ministry, but a call to preach.  With this realization came fear and confusion; "I had never seen any women preachers, no one told me I was called to preach and no one seemed interested in helping me get into the ministry.  I became so discouraged that I eventually gave up and stopped going to church."

After a period of time in this state, the Holy Spirit began to convict her.  She wanted her relationship with God back.  Melinda took her focus off of the call and returned it to her Savior; "There is a danger lurking for many who are called, of putting the work of the ministry above your personal relationship with Christ- this is idolatry.  We must keep our relationship with God first!"  Although she was mindful of this, she understood that God had not changed His mind about her call.  As soon as she returned to church, the call was there and she was determined to do something about it.  This determination to fulfill the call marked a time of preparation.  God was testing her to see if she really believed all He had spoken to her.  She learned that if God speaks a thing, He will bring it to pass!

In the year 2000 Melinda made up her mind to pursue her ministers license.  During this time she began to teach Bible studies as an outreach at a local coffeehouse.  In 2005 she obtained her ministers license and began to seek the Lord concerning the next step.  She felt led to begin having monthly revival services.  Despite opposition from area churches, she stepped out in faith and obedience to God.  He provided a location in Wickliffe, Ohio for her to hold the services.  Signs, wonders and miracles did follow- in each meeting the power of God was made manifest through prophetic utterance, healing and deliverance.

In 2007 Melinda founded Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship, located in Eastlake, Ohio.  There she holds Sunday services, and schools of ministry on weekends.  She is a warrior for revival in Cleveland and a champion of faith and obedience to God.  Pastor Melinda is faithful to host monthly revival meetings.  You can find the schedule of events by visiting the website

Her message to those who are called into the ministry but don't know where to start; "Start with one on one ministry which takes place on the street, on the bus, wherever you find yourself.  Allow God to use you to reach out to people and He will open doors for you.  Know that God is waiting on us to take action!  No one put me into the ministry, it came forth as a direct result of my own relationship with the Lord.  Go and do what the Bible tells you to do!" 

Mark 16:15  

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


This article was written by Ruth Williams


Hello, my name is Ruth Williams and I am the Founder and Executive Editor
of Recognize Truth! Urban Christian Magazine. I was born and raised in
Cleveland, OH. And grew up in the Buckeye/Kinsman area.  The biggest
challenge that I faced growing up was finding something positive to do! I had little success in with this until the birth of my first daughter at age 21.  It was
at that point that I realized I needed to begin to make positive changes.
These changes didn’t seem to last long, I would do well for a while but
eventually fall back into old attitudes and behaviors.  After the birth of my
second daughter at age 22, I knew that I had to make a permanent change
in my lifestyle if I were ever to be able to offer my children anything
significant in life. In my soul I knew that I could not accomplish this without
help from the Lord!

After making a decision to live my life for Christ, instead of things getting
better as I had expected, they actually got worse! After about a two years
into this Christianity thing, and trying to live “Holy” I got to a point where I
was almost ready to give up and walk away from Godly living. It was at this
time that the Lord began to reveal to me specific things that He wanted me
to do for Him, He showed me my purpose. The way that he showed me was
by filling my heart with an overwhelming desire to do certain things
concerning  the young people. One of those things was to create a
Christian magazine that would be appealing to them, but that also dealt
directly with the issues they face in day to day living.  In 2005 the idea
became reality when I began printing You Better Recognize! Newsletter for
Youth. After struggling financially to do this faithfully for a full year, he gave
me the idea to publish the magazine on-line. In 2007 the first volume of You
Better Recognize the Truth Urban Christian Magazine on-line was
published.  The magazine will soon be expanding into print publication and
gaining a small staff of writers.

















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