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Cleveland, Go Through the Gates

Prophetic word given by

Prophetess Patricia Bootsma in Eastlake, Ohio

May 16, 2009


In January of '08, the Lord showed me two cities in this heavenly experience that I had. And He showed me—this is my first time in Cleveland—actually, it's kind of funny—because where is what?  What are you doing? Cleveland? What is there in Cleveland?


And so literally I have not known anything about the city or the region. But in that experience, what I was seeing—I was seeing in the spirit—and what I saw was—well, at first, I saw this foreclosure, and I saw, you know, houses going under. And I saw all this sort of activity. You know, sort of dark activity.


And then the Lord shifted the whole scene, and I saw prayer. I saw intercession rising up from Cleveland. And there were these clouds of intercession just rising up and rising up, and prayer. And I actually saw houses of prayer, too, that I felt that God was going to ignite. And just this collective cry of his people.


And then what I saw in the whole vision was everything shifted, where it was where Cleveland became a model city for how to overcome, speaking of darkness. And what I actually saw was like other cities coming to Cleveland saying, “How did you do it?” or “How did things turn around so much that there were actually people coming to gain information and knowledge from Cleveland?”


Now, at that time I didn't realize it, but in the room—in the hospitality room, like the green room of TACF Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship— is where this whole visionary experience occurred.


So, I really feel that the Lord is bringing that back to say, there's turn-around coming in this whole region. And the scripture I got for you was in Isaiah 62. Isaiah 62 is a very powerful chapter. You can read the whole thing. And it's speaking of what the Lord is doing. He's setting watchmen on his wall. But I believe this is specifically for you and specifically for Cleveland.  Isaiah 62, verse 10:


Go through, go through the gates! Prepare the way of the people! Build up, build up the highway! And take up the stones! Lift up a banner for the people.


So, I feel that there's this gate that's open right now. There's doors open for Cleveland. The Lord's saying, go through the gates. Go through the gates. You'll prepare the way for the people.

So, go through what He's saying to you right now. It's like ground work is being laid. I think—I already sense that for many of you the Lord is really calling you into the place of prayer and intercession. I'm not talking boring prayer and intercession, by the way.


You know, we used to call prayer meetings, and they used to be boring. And we've said goodbye to boring prayer. You know, I kissed boring prayer goodbye. By the way, any prayer is anointed. All prayer is anointed. So, God hears those cries. What we have seen is when—Revelation 5—when you combine the worship and the intercession, because that's heaven's model around the throne—where they have the golden harps and the bowls full of incense before the throne—the harp and the bowl, worship and intercession. Combining the worship and the intercession is absolutely phenomenal.



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