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Cleveland, Your Breakthrough is Here

Prophetic word for 2010

Cleveland, Your Breakthrough is Here


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Prophetic word given by

Pastor Melinda Bauman in Eastlake, Ohio

November 29, 2009


One of the things that I’ve been hearing is: breakthrough.  I hear the Lord saying, Cleveland, your breakthrough is here.  Cleveland, it’s time for your breakthrough. Lord, I thank you for a breaker anointing.  I thank you for the anointing that destroys every yoke.  Bondages are destroyed by the anointing.  The anointing of the breaker.  I hear the Lord say, Cleveland, you’ve been through a time of pregnancy.  You’ve been pregnant with revival.  Pregnancy is not a pleasant time for a woman.  A woman goes though sickness and burdens when she’s pregnant.  It’s not the most pleasant experience, to be pregnant. 

However, a pregnant woman has joy even if she is suffering, because she knows that something good is going to come forth.  She has expectancy and anticipation while she is carrying the baby inside of her.  The woman is able to endure and bear the pain, and make it through several months of carrying the baby because she knows there is a due date for the baby to be born.  She knows that baby is coming.

I hear the Lord say, Cleveland, you’ve been pregnant with revival.  You’ve gone through some labor pains, but now it’s time for the birth.  It’s time for the birthing, and that’s going to be your breakthrough.  You’ve been hearing about revival.  There’s been talk about revival.  We’ve been contending for revival over these last few months.  The reason for that is because revival is breaking forth in this region. 

I hear the Lord say, revival is breaking forth like a woman who is giving birth.  As the woman gives birth, as the baby comes forth, you’re going to be happy.  You’re going to say, it was worth it all.  The labor is the hardest time before the birth comes.  The labor pains intensify and become more frequent, and then the baby is born.  It’s time for the birthing, the breakthrough, for the baby to come forth. 

When a woman is pregnant, she doesn’t see the baby, but she knows the baby is there.  The baby has not yet been born.  Cleveland has been the same way.  We know that revival is here, even if we have not yet seen the full manifestation.  But the Lord says, Cleveland, in 2010 you’re going to see the face of the baby.  That’s going to be the birth of the revival breaking forth, manifesting in this region.  You’ve been patient and faithful, like an expectant mother.  You’ve been waiting and enduring. 

But the woman doesn’t stay pregnant forever.  It’s time to give birth.  Lord, I thank you for the birthing, that we’re going to see the manifestation of the revival.  Not just talking about revival or carrying revival like a pregnant mother.  We knew that she was going to give birth, and the birth is coming forth in 2010.  Lord I give you praise for the breaking forth, just like when a baby is born.  For the birthing of this revival.  Thank you Lord for the breaker anointing, for the breakthrough that’s going to create a mighty move of God. 

Thank you for giving the people patient endurance, even when at times it didn’t look like revival was going to happen.  It is not always a pleasant time when we are birthing something.  But the Lord says, because you’ve been patient, because you have endured, because you continued to believe, you’re going to see the manifestation of my promises.  You’re going to see the promises come to pass in your life individually and corporately in this region. 

As the baby is born, the family will have great joy.  The mother will be relieved and say, it was worth it all.  It was worth it when I had to carry this baby.  It was worth it all, because my baby is here now. 



Melinda Bauman was filled with the Holy Spirit in a Pentecostal church in 1990.  At that time she felt the call of God on her life.  In 2003 she began holding weekly Bible studies out of a coffeehouse in Euclid, then in Wickliffe.  In 2005 she obtained a Pentecostal minister's license, and began holding monthly revival church services.  The purpose of the services was to demonstrate the spiritual gifts and power of God to the church.  Different speakers who operated in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministered at these services. 

Melinda began to pray about obtaining a building and starting a church, which would be called "Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship".  God provided a building in Eastlake, and the first church service was held in April 2007.  The goal of the church is to fulfill the Great Commission (Mark 16:15) by spreading the Gospel message of salvation, healing and deliverance through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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