End Times Bible Study


911.    War on Terror. New World Order. Stock Market Collapse. High Gas Prices. Foreclosure Crisis. Rising Unemployment. National ID Card. Cashless Society.
Unstable Economy. New Age Movement. Moral Decline. Gay Marriage. European Union. Homeland Security Act. Anthrax. SARS. War on Iraq. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Ecumenical Church Movement. Hurricane Katrina. Increase in Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes and Tsunamis. Power Blackouts. China Threat. 
Do current world events worry you? Do you wonder what kind of a world your children will live in? Are you looking for answers? Are we living in the End Times?
Come to the Bible Study, dates to be announced
Topics to be covered are:
 Week 1                  Jewish return to Palestine; Times of the Gentiles
 Week 2                   Signs of the End-Times; Jesus comes for His
 Week 3                   The Tribulation; Reign of the Anti-Christ 
 Week 4                   Battle of Armageddon; Return of Christ 
                                          and the Millennium 
 Week 5                  Great White Throne Judgment; Time ends-
                                 then Eternity
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