Glory Report from What is God Saying for 2009



The glory of God was present with signs, wonders and miracles at our New Year’s Services held January 2 - 4, 2009! As I was preparing for the Friday evening service, I heard the Lord say that He was going to show His glory to people, like He did with Moses at the burning bush. I announced to the people that, just as Moses turned aside to look at the burning bush, we were to pay attention and focus on what God wanted to do over the weekend. 
The speaker Friday night was Al Thomas, and after giving his message, he began to call out words of knowledge for healing. Many people responded, and he prayed for healing for many people. On Saturday morning, the speaker was Richard Hanson. He spoke on the glory of God and how the church in 2009 will begin to experience more of God’s power. As the afternoon session got started, I noticed Theresa Phillips looking around on the carpet as if she had lost something. She showed me what she picked up, and it was a small gemstone! God was manifesting gemstones in the church! People came to look at it, and we stored it in a container. Theresa was wearing a ring with a gemstone that had been sent from heaven!
Theresa Phillips was the speaker Saturday evening, and she explained the manifestations of God’s glory in signs, wonders and miracles. She said that if we cannot understand a feather appearing, how could we receive a whole angel? If we are surprised at gold dust, how can we accept streets of gold? When God manifests His glory, the supernatural can be revealed in the natural realm. It is physical evidence that God is with us. 
After the service Saturday night, I was standing in the lobby talking with people. They began to tell me they saw gold dust on my face! When I got a chance to look in the mirror, it was as if someone had sprinkled a bottle of gold glitter over my head! I was careful not to wash my face Sunday morning, because I wanted to testify about it and show people the gold dust. On Sunday evening we went into an extended time of praise and worship, and I told the people that just as Moses went to Mount Sinai and was transformed by the glory of God, that God wanted to do that with us. Richard Hanson spoke that evening, and he prayed and ministered to people until midnight. Get excited about what God is doing in Cleveland! Surely His presence is with us! We give Him all the glory!



God bless,
Pastor Melinda Bauman



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