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Gulliver Prophecy by Bob Jones


Gulliver Prophecy given in 2005



Bob Jones



Prophet Bob Jones had a prophetic encounter, where in a vision he saw a great man, who in the past had fallen asleep.  He was laying on his back, half-covered in dirt, and his name was Gulliver.  Little people from a place of little input had completely tied him down, and he was waking up from being asleep for the past 38 years. 

We can also call him (Gulliver) the Body of Christ.  Bob saw that he head of this very large man was in Cleveland, Ohio, in a place called "Jacob's field."


The next thing Bob saw was a large, center pole of a tent coming up out of Columbus, Ohio. This was His heart. Powerful signs and wonders will come up out of Columbus, greater than we've ever seen before, that will look like a canopy over the region. Explosions of miracles and healings will be the hallmark of this city.


Cincinnati was the place where the reproduction organs were. Reproducing of the Kingdom will be evidenced here in priestly and kingly anointing.


The left hand of this large man was in Philadelphia, which had teaching and great love in it. The right hand extended west and came to rest in Indianapolis, Indiana. It began to flex, and the cords that were around it to keep it tied down, were beginning to snap off like rubber bands.


The left foot was in Charlotte, North Carolina, and there was a great television with it, so they televised the gospel all around the world. The right foot was in Nashville, Tennessee, where great faith is beginning to raise up.


This great man finally began to get up, breaking off all restraints and planting both of his feet in Atlanta, Georgia. God means to take Ohio, then move over to Indianapolis and up into Illinois, crossing over into the east, and finally, standing completely upright in Atlanta. The Lord told Bob that to take Atlanta would mean capturing the whole south.


The Lord is looking for the Body of Christ to keep its head focused in the Heavens above, and its body fixed on the earth below, walking out the Kingdom mandate with all convincing demonstrations. We need to be reconnected with the Head (Jesus Christ), so we can act out on the earth the strategy of Heaven with all power and authority!


Let us grow up in every way (Spiritual Maturity) and in all things, into Him Who is the Head, even Christ (Ephesians 4:15). We as the body must grow up in every way and stay connected to the Head, which is Christ.


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