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I Saw a Move of God Being Birthed in Cleveland, Ohio
Submitted on January 22, 2008
 By Pastor Melinda Bauman
Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship in Eastlake, Ohio
(440) 339-4117
     In the Spirit I saw a cracking, like an eggshell cracking when a chick is about to be born. 
When the shell cracked, I saw light and glory come out of it. Whatever barrier that hindered a move of the Spirit was being cracked. It was like heaven opening, and glory and light shining down. The hindrance and barrier is being cracked like an eggshell, and the glory of the Lord is coming to Cleveland
     The Lord says, this is happening because I have a people there who would not stop praying and interceding. 
They would not stop, and their prayers moved me, says the Lord. I will move on their behalf because they will not stop praying and interceding. Their prayers have reached me, and I will move on their behalf in the city of Cleveland, says the Lord. People will say about Cleveland, the city that was in darkness has seen a great light. People will say, the darkness has been lifted off Cleveland, and this city has seen a great light. There will no longer be reproach. The light that will shine from Cleveland will light the rest of America. Many will be drawn to the light that will shine forth from Cleveland
     Well known ministers and evangelists will be drawn to Cleveland, like an insect who is attracted to the light. 
These evangelists will hold crusades in big stadiums, and thousands of people will come. I saw the glory of the Lord being released over Cleveland, Ohio. Many people will be shocked, because of the reproach that had been over this city. Many people will say, can anything good come out of Cleveland? But the Lord would say, call not unclean, that which I have cleansed. I have cleansed this land with my healing rain. 
     Prophets, come to Cleveland and prophesy. 
 Prophets, come to Cleveland and decree cleansing over this land. For this land belongs to me, says the Lord. I will cleanse this land, and it will be holy and acceptable in my sight, no longer a land of reproach.
     A move of God is being birthed in Cleveland. This revival will not happen in just one church. It will happen in all churches who are open to revival. There will be a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God. I saw God rain down a healing rain upon the people. I saw peoples’ hands raised up, and they were being refreshed and cleansed by this healing rain. They were cleansed of hurts. They were cleansed of brokenness and emotional pain. Their hurt and pain was being washed away by this healing rain. God was pouring healing rain upon the people. 
     I saw large gatherings of people in stadiums around Cleveland. 
 The prophets and evangelists will be drawn to Cleveland. It will be a hotbed, a hotspot of revival. Think it not a strange thing what I will do, says the Lord. Instead of mourning there will be rejoicing. Instead of weeping there will be dancing. Instead of despair there will be hope, for I make all things new, says the Lord, and I will revive you again.
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