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I Saw Revival in America
Submitted by Pastor Melinda Bauman on Feb. 27, 2008
Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship in Eastlake, Ohio
I saw the church, the people of God lifting their hands and worshipping the Lord.  The presence of the Lord came down, and angels were loosed.  Angels of healing and revival were released.  As the people pray and intercede for this nation, as they worship and praise me, says the Lord, I will pour out my Spirit, and you will see heaven open.
The Lord says I am opening up heaven over Ohio.  This is a sovereign move of the Spirit, not orchestrated by man.  When heaven is opened, miracles and healing will flow freely.  It will not seem like heaven is closed as brass.  The Spirit will flow freely, and there will be mighty revival.
Heaven is opening over this region in Ohio because principalities and powers are falling.  They are falling, and the hindrances to revival are being removed.  This means that it is easier for heaven to touch earth.  The hindrances, the blockages, the strongholds are being removed, says the Lord.  Heaven is opening over Ohio, the angels of healing and revival are being loosed, and widespread revival is coming.
Do not think it a strange thing, says the Lord.  You look at big crusades in other countries and wonder, why can’t it happen here?  The Lord says it will be happening here.  Strongholds are being broken and angels are being released.  Widespread revival with thousands of people in stadiums will happen in this nation.  You will be amazed, because you have never seen this type of outpouring.  You have seen revival in certain cities and churches, but now you will see widespread revival in many cities.
The fields are white, the harvest is ripe, says the Lord.  Many people are hungry and desperate.  They are looking for answers.  They are looking to their political leaders for answers.  When the people cry out to me, says the Lord, I will pour out my Spirit, and you will see revival in this land.
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