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I've Quickened the Ohio Valley with a Great Unction in this Hour

Prophetic word given by

Robyn Thom Rodgers in Eastlake, Ohio

November 8, 2009

For the Lord says, I am sharpening the nations. I am sharpening the eyes of the prophets. I am sharpening the ears of those who have an ear to hear. For the Lord says, even now, I am causing the pulsing of my heartbeat to be heard, that they would know my sound. For the Lord says, I'm causing the harvest to come forth to see the glory of my presence that covers this nation, this city. Even the Lord says, watch and see. For the Lord says, I've quickened the Ohio valley with great, great unction in this hour. And the spirit of heaven is pouring and it's burning with great fire.

And the Lord says, I will sweep through the cities of Kentucky and Indiana and Ohio and even Tennessee. And the Lord says, they will say even in Virginia—the Spirit of the Lord—there's an overflow anointing that is pouring forth on us. Can't you see?

For the Lord says, even now as it stirs in these cities, it will not be that I will just display my power in one place, but the Lord says it will overflow like waves into Missouri, into Illinois, up into Oklahoma. And the Lord says, I will cause Detroit to know the fire of heaven. I shall cause Chicago to hear my voice. I shall cause cities that have been dormant and have not heard. The Lord says, the fear of the Lord shall will come forth in this hour. For the trumpet has yielded the sound. And even now I've discharged the angels to take their place and to release the anointing of my power.

For the Lord says, I am causing those that would have an ear to hear to stand and to prophesy and to declare and to possess the land with vision—to possess the land with utterance—to possess the land to possess the atmosphere of my anointing, says the Lord.

But God says, I'm sharpening those. There's a sharpening. All I see is, there's something happening in the valley. And I hear the Lord say, I'm going to bring them together with one vision and with one voice.

And I keep hearing so strong, there a wind that is blowing from the North, and it's blowing right now.

And the Lord said, where they thought that this was God in the midst of this place, the Lord said, they will say, the glory of the Lord is here. The spirit of the Lord has visited us this hour, this day.

For the Lord said I'll not just be displayed upon a coastal area. It'll not just be in one place, says the Lord. That it will have a ripple effect, what I will do. And my anointing will run like oil. It will run like oil.

And in the midst of this anointing the holiness of revival shall erupt. And the Lord says it will be like a volcano that has taken place. And the Lord says those whose feet were shackled first, they'll be set free. And then the Lord says, watch the miraculous as it hovers over the nation. Watch the miraculous, as it sets people free of the spirits of infirmity that has bound them. Watch and see, for I am the Lord that healeth all thy diseases and all thy inequities.

Even now, I see thousands of gatherers. While I'm standing here I can see—that's why I sat down, because the anointing was so strong. I can see even as Ruth gleaned and she took up after the harvest. But then the Lord said, I made her part of the harvest. I joined her with Boaz. And the Lord says, even my bride as Ruth I've joined you with the Boaz which is my son, Jesus. And you're going to take up the harvest. You're going to become the laborers in this hour—my bride, my anointed ones, my desire. And the Lord says, you'll gather in the sheaves. And you will gather in the lost, and they will know—only believe, and they will know all things are possible for they have spoken my name, Jesus. Jesus.

And the Lord says, this is an hour of great appointing. So listen not to that which is around, but listen to the wind of my Spirit that's blowing deep within. For the Lord says I'm causing the laborers, the flaming servants of fire, that are free of sin, to run in my desires and call the harvest in. Bring in the sheaves, says the Lord. Bring in the weary. Bring in the broken, and I will set them free. For I am the Lord that healeth thee.

See I'm just—I'm just sitting here right now. I see people in places where they're just counting the money in their storehouse. But the Lord says, they can't take it with them. They will give an account of what they've done with the money of heaven. I see those that think, oh, I've got this—I see arrays and arrays. I see a arrays of shelves of books, of intellect that has been—yes, I've said study and show thyself approved. But the Lord says, approved by me and not by men. Approved by me and not by men.

I see those that are looking for the friend that will help them in their hour of darkness. But the Lord says, there will be no one. For I am the only friend that will help you. For I am the one that would carry thee. I will not reject thee. I'll heal the hurts. I'll bring the peace.

I see literally streams. I see streets covered in blood. The Lord says, there will be great wars that will come about. But the Lord says, I will come with the blood of the lamb with my love, and I will heal the bound and I will heal the hurting and the maimed. And I'll heal those that have been destroyed that have no vision that know not what to do and where to go and how to even speak my name.

So God says, I will cause the waves of heaven to fall upon them, and they shall say, the Spirit of the Lord has visited us this day. And a new mind, says the Lord, I will put in them, and a new vision, and a new hearing, and a new tongue, and they shall declare the Spirit of the Lord has done this. He has healed me, and it's just begun.

There's some people in this place this morning, the Lord says, that you have gone and been and done. The Lord says, I'm going to carry you and you've tried and in your heart you've carried others to me. He says, I'm carrying you. I'm carrying you.


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