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Open Heavens over Ohio
Submitted by Pastor Melinda Bauman on March 12, 2008
The Lord says my people are praying and interceding.  Because prayers have been lifted up to me, I will open up heaven over Ohio.  The windows of heaven are opening, and you will see an outpouring of the Spirit in this land.  Just as the pipes broke and waters flooded downtown Cleveland, I will flood this city with my Spirit.
The prayers of the church have broken down the resistance of the enemy.  Just as the pipes gave way and burst in Cleveland, the strongholds, which hindered the outpouring of the Spirit, are breaking.  You will see a flood, an outpouring of the Spirit in the city of Cleveland.  There was a flood that happened in the center of downtown.  Now you will see the flood of my Spirit, which will spread throughout this entire city, says the Lord.
The eyes of the nation have been upon Ohio in certain political elections.  The eyes will continue to be upon Ohio because you have taken a stand for what is right.  You continue to honor me, says the Lord, in taking a stand for righteousness.  The eyes of the nation are on you because of decisions you make in the natural.  Because of this, you will be a beacon for things that happen in the spiritual realm.  It will be said, Ohio is a place that makes a stand for what is right and pleasing to me, says the Lord.  Ohio has the heartbeat of this nation, and my favor is towards you.
Many people look at the jobs, which have left this area, and the troubled economy.  Some feel that this region is forsaken.  But the Lord says to Ohio fear not, for I have not forsaken you.  My favor is towards you.  Because you have taken a stand for what is right and pleasing to me, you and the entire nation will see a great outpouring of my Spirit.  You will see the birth of a move of God.  This will not just affect the state of Ohio.  It will spread to other states, and across this nation.
Do not fear the days that are ahead.  Do not focus on circumstances, which are happening in the natural.  I am your Provider, and I will take care of you, says the Lord.  Learn to trust in me to take care of your needs.  Many people who do not know me will now turn to me out of desperation.  They will learn that their political leaders do not have the answers.  Pray for those who will be turning to me, says the Lord.  This is when you will see great revival.
For I am causing a shaking and many people who do not know me will now come to me.  Prepare yourselves for this great revival, for this move of my Spirit.  As difficult times come, the great harvest of souls will happen.  Rejoice in what I will do in these days we are living in. Rejoice for the revival that will take place, says the Lord.


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