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Revival Fire in Cleveland, Ohio

Prophetic word from Prophet John Mark Pool

Released at WGCF in Eastlake, Ohio

August 4, 2009


God's going to take a revival with people who are desperate for him to drop their own agendas to come together and not decide that I have to be the one on the cover of some Newsweek or on the cover of some television or the cover of some newsletter.


I just want to come in and encourage you today that there's not anything that I have that you can't get twice as much in the name of Jesus.  I release that over you.  God, every prophetic anointing you've given me, I release right now to these hungry people—twice the measure, God, into their spirit right now.


And, God, right now I decree encouragement, and I decree exhilaration in their spirit and rejuvenation in their spirit, God.  And I decree the joy of the Lord is our strength, God.  I decree that the power of Your might will come up in us, God.  I decree that there becomes a Holy Ghost standard in us, God.  That burns with the fire of God in us that will not allow us to align with sin.  But by all means, God, we get to speak a word of encouragement of truth in love to those that are desperate for that answer.  And they'll know that you love the Lord by what's in you and by your heart and your truth in the scriptures and your words, and the hunger that's in you will just flow out of you, I decree in the name of Jesus.  It will be overflowing oil out of those vessels of anointing that doesn't need to be defined as the china on the shelf.


God says, I'll use the whosoevers.  I just need an earthen vessel that will say yes to me, and I'll fill that vessel to overflowing with the oil of anointing, and that's what  I'm filling you.   The hungry get the food.  The thirsty get the drink.  And God says, I'm pouring out my spirit upon all flesh.  And to the ones that are starving at my table first, are going to get everything they want to times nine fold more, and that would be you tonight in the name of Jesus. 



I believe as sure as I'm standing here God has said to us, I am the God who has brought you through all of the journeys we've heard tonight.  All of the witnesses have stood before you.  And I am now before a people in the land of the U. S. A.—the church first, the leaders first—who I decree are out of excuses.  I am the God that's about to answer by fire.  I am about to invade your land with the ball of fire.  I am bringing a new fire in now.  And this time the fire that I'm bringing into you doesn't need grill operators—doesn't need self-appointed roasting agents to check to see if you're carrying strange fires or real fire.  We don't need that.  What we need is somebody that's seeing Him will all of their heart, all of their face, all of their might, all of everything in them to get the fire of God in them.  And then you won't be worried about what your neighbor is carrying in his incense altar.


You're going to be concerned with one thing.  Here is this, and I close with the final scripture: 


Revelation 19:12  His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself.

13 He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.

14And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses.  (YOU KNOW WHO WE'RE TALKING ABOUT, DON'T YOU?)

15 From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty. [THAT'S WHO HE IS.]

16 And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, "KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS."                                                    


King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  I, John, when I was taken up—John was hand-dipped, oil anointed in a hot oil bath to get this revelation.  Maybe distorted of skin, but that oil bath he took was an anointing that baptized him in the oil of a Holy Spirit revelatory fire that wrote these things.  I, John, wrote these words.  And the first thing that came out was the description that we just heard.  The King of Kings—I see fire in his eyes.  Searching, he said, to and fro now.  I see the fire, his eyes burning bright from the love of Him and the Father, trying to find people like us, burning with the Holy Spirit of God to turn someplace upside down with the fire and a passion of the savior—not the destroyer.  Oh, I love it.


You're about to see an increase of the burners raging.  Fire is being turned up now in this country, and I'm telling you, it's going to be a good thing.  It's the Holy Ghost.  God's seeing His people that are desperately crying out to him now. 


You've been crying out, Melinda, and God says this to you.  He says, I've sent you as a fire-carrying agent.  God says I'm sending you now as a fire of the pentecostal agent to carry out my fire of a Holy Ghost outpouring of a move that no human or no group, no denomination, and no fellowship will ever claim, and no devil can stop.  God says, it's mine.  I'll called you a stranger in a strange land that won't sit beside man's plan, but that breaks all the rules of normality, because you're not normal by any standard of man's plan.  You are abnormal.  You are super-normal.  You are super-spiritual.  You are raging with the fiery inferno of God's desire to turn the land in which you dwell into the revival fire.


It just takes one torch with somebody that's desperate enough to pull from the fire of God's altar to bring it into their land.  And when I get enough of that, mixed with the oil of the cup of inequity, then I'm about to take the combustion and the mixture of that fire and explode a fire around the Cleveland region that's going to burn to the North.  It's going to burn to the South.  It's going to burn to the East.  It's going to burn to the West.  It's going to meet California's fire right into the middle of the United States.


I'm burning.  I'm burning San Francisco's fire into the raging passion to become My fire.  I'm burning the fire of the Christians who stayed steady even through the great fire that they had.  Was no mistake.  That fire is pointing to a new fire that's about to begin in that city and burn that city beyond recognition, so that they know that I am the God who answers by fire.  And that fire will be my love—turning the fire of revival into the central part of the United States, coming from the fire that will meet the fire from Cleveland, that will meet the fire from New York, that will meet the fire carriers from the South, that will come as a combustion agent from Me, that I am the God who answers by fire.


There will be signs and wonders and miracles circumferenced around you in a way that you've only dreamed about, because you've committed yourself to be the fire carrier of God and not that of this human sod.  You've decided and you've given your heart, even though you have been a stranger in a strange land to never fit in the plans of man.


God says, I'm taking the sensors from the altar of those who would dare to take my coals and dare to take my name and dare to be honest with those who need to know the truth of my word in love, but the fire of the Holy Spirit that will go in and not allow another friend to burn with the passion of sin when it's already been covered.  


God says, He's desperate today for a people.  He said, I've got a people that's desperate today for a father who's been stoking the fires by the prayers of those who've gone before you.  By the blood that's crying out under the altars, He's saying.  By the fire that's being stoked now from heaven.  It's coming up into my nostrils to a point where I'm inspecting my cups and rims that are overflowing at the brim of inequity.  I'm moving in, and I'm moving in a way of fire.  And you believers will understand that just like those in the days of the Hellenistic cities, that they would invade understand that they knew every moment the fire pushed them forward—it may be their last gate they go through, but they did not concern themselves with their lives, because he said in the end, I tell you, it was won.  Glory to God!  I feel the anointing.  It wasn't won by human hands.  It wasn't won by imaginations of generations.  He said, it was won by the testimony of them who overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.  And he said they did not love their life even unto death, because they had committed their life unto death, that if it be this city, if it be this country, if it be this Hellenistic one and this Roman Empire that thinks they're winning—my Jesus is the one that died on the cross.  My Jesus gave me the word that I get to take the land.  My Jesus that took all promised me this land is mine.  He gave me his ball of fire in the upper room.  We were there with the Lord.  We know it.  We have an authority    to take back the gates of that Hellenistic city.  I'm not worried about my life.  I'm concerned about one thing:  did I witness to the glory of God to take that city for God if they took my head?


There's a new commitment coming, and it will be passed down by a hand of fire into the youth today to turn the fathers back to the heart of the children and the children back to the heart of the fathers.  God says, I'll reverse what I want to reverse.  And you may have read, it's turning the fathers back to the heart—my father is staring down through you.  I need just a young person who knows who they are by my fire.  And they'll turn the fathers in this land back to the Father.






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